Salmon Developments Limited was formed in 1989 as a property development company and has had continued success within the UK commercial property sector during this period.

Salmon Developments Limited has completed developments valued between £1m – £100m

Salmon are recognised for architecturally attractive, environmentally sensitive and user friendly solutions.



With over 30 years of experience working across all commercial use sectors.

  • Wide Range of Sectors
  • Projects Ranging £2m – £100m
  • Working with institutions & family offices


Access to the Best Sites

We have a strong reputation with agents, in turn providing us access to the best sites and opportunities – often off-market.

  • Wide Range of Sectors
  • Projects Ranging £2m – £100m
  • Working with institutions & family offices


Specialist Network

We have an experienced network of award-winning consultants who we consistently work with on Salmon schemes.

  • Award-winning consultants
  • Consultants with sector expertise
  • Strong relationships


Financial Reporting

We provide institutional grade project reporting.

  • Monthly / Quarterly Reporting
  • Industry Benchmark Reporting
  • MSCI Reporting
  • Bank Finance Reporting


Mitigating Risks

Through our many years of experience, we have learnt how to reduce the risks which could impact our returns. We regularly highlight these risks throughout the project and suggest solutions.

  • Access to a diverse pool of projects
  • Varying levels of risk to suit investors appetite
  • Projects with varying levels of planning risk

Our development activities are nationwide and use class-wide.
Typical end investment lot size £1m – £100m.

Progress Photograph: July 2023